Powerful AdStack and offerings.

Tech has always played a vital role in bridging the gaps of today towards a better future, and we believe that AdTech is ready to bring a paradigm shift in Advertisement.

  • Rich Media Innovations
  • Self-Serve Platform
  • Omni Channel Buying
  • Sophisticated Ad Fraud tools
  • Robust DMP and Data science
  • Data-driven insights

Easy Setup

Easy to understand user interface which helps you set up ad campaigns quickly.

Trusted Media Buying

Buy traffic from top performing and trusted supply partners only.

Granular reports

Our robust reporting mechanism helps optimize campaigns with insights about the source, medium, geo, device,etc.

Rich Media Innovations

We have been taking the concept of products and offerings to the target audience with Storytelling in an all-new more engaging way. With Aim to offer advertisers with high-impact ads, we have seen a great push in engagement.

Self-Serve Platform

We offer Marketers more control and power of the Adstack to bring more creativity and out-of-the-box thinking with our Self Serve Platform. The media buyer can Execute, Analyze and Decide on the performing and non-performing segments.

Omni Channel Buying

Every Media plan, campaign, and phase differ from each other, thus we offer a wide variety of Omni Channel supplies to reach your customers in a way that can connect and bring brand awareness.

Sophisticated Ad Fraud tools

Fraud still remains the most significant threat to the digital advertisement, Our DSP backed by state-of-the-art Anti-Fraud tools not only ensures the ROI but also keeps the sanity of campaign execution.

Robust DMP and Data science

Understanding and targeting the right audience can be a magical tool to ensure the success of the campaign. We are integrated with smart DMPs and Audience builders which have been the biggest asset for the media buyers.

Data-driven insights

It is time for advertisers to look forward to a better understanding the granular data of campaign execution, performance trends, and the key factors driving it. Xaprio provides not only insights into the campaign execution but also the scope of real-time optimization.